5 Changes That Student Entrepreneurship Brought About In My Mindset

College is a daunting phase for many. You move from the close-protected shell of your school to the mini slice of life environment. Everyone keeps telling you that you are young but time constantly seems to keep running out of your hands. You are exploring your passions, working out your interests, and are navigating through challenges. These challenges seem to take on a new form every single day. Either you are struggling to meet assignment deadlines or are hustling to get your way into a party! The last thing you want to get your hands dirty in is entrepreneurship.

Funnily enough, entrepreneurship has quite a few parallels with being a student. To begin with, you learn something new every single day, you struggle to ship your product/assignment within the set deadline, you are hustling to be the next big thing with extremely limited resources and you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! Well, as picture-perfect and exciting as this looks, the reality can be sometimes quite murky. 

This change in roles from being just a student to a student entrepreneur turned out to be quite challenging. Though change is the only constant in our lives, it is surprisingly difficult to encompass it every single time. It makes you question yourself more times than you would prefer. It forces you to step out of your comfort zone. The best thing about change, it changes you!

While I played tug of war between being a student and an entrepreneur, one thing that helped me immensely was my mindset. Now we have all heard about how mindset is the accessory that differentiates the greats from the would-have become-greats but does it help? Does it truly bring across a change in how you view the world? Does it provide you with the ammunition you need to fight your battles? The answer to all the above questions is YES! Your mindset does determine what you set your mind to.

Here are 5 changes that student entrepreneurship brought about in my mindset:

Failure is an occasion to improve myself:

Being a bright student, I seldom saw failure during my school. Academics work very well as a system in that sense. There’s a specific way to win at tests; you study well, you score well, repeat. So when I did fail once, the world seemed to collapse around me. The failure transformed from being an action to an identity. It took me several weeks to start believing in myself again. Things changed quite drastically when I faced failure as a student entrepreneur. I couldn’t soak myself in self-doubt. My team relied upon me to navigate a way through this, our customers waited for the next version. Being a student entrepreneur taught me that failure is an occasion to improve myself and not define myself.

Opportunities knock on your door; if there is one:

I always thought opportunities come to you and you go chasing after them only if you are inadequate. I wanted them to come to me as a validation of who I was and not the skills I possessed. Student entrepreneurship busted this bubble pretty fast. I learned upskilling, being proactive, showcasing your journey is how you build a door for opportunities to knock at. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day but they were laying bricks every hour.

Success is stretching :

Success to me always was a destination. You put in efforts, you become successful and you stay successful. Being a student entrepreneur taught me that success is more of a journey than a destination. It is the process of stretching your ability, stepping out of your comfort zone, and embracing every challenge that comes your way. It is your ability to look at challenges as just problems with an interesting personality. Success isn’t a summit to scale up to, it is the rocky terrain you overcome.

I don’t know this yet :

We often expect ourselves to have it all figured out. We stand in sheer awe of the people who do. I did too. I expected myself to know all the answers even before I asked any questions. I projected to know everything about a topic before I knew what the topic was! It seemed scary when I didn’t know stuff. But here’s the thing about entrepreneurship, you can’t know it all! Student entrepreneurship pushed me to be comfortable with not knowing stuff yet! The ‘yet’ was the most important part of the situation. Instead of projecting that I did know it all, I gave myself the space to actually read and learn it. 

Quitting is an omnipresent option but just not for today:

Being a student entrepreneur, you are surrounded by challenges. These challenges sometimes heap up to become pressure belts. This naturally makes quitting an omnipresent option. It seems like the easiest step to take in the face of challenges. While quitting isn’t necessarily wrong, student entrepreneurship has taught me that it isn’t an option for today. Today, you buckle up, you show up on the playground, and hit the quitting ball out of the park!

These mindset shifts have not only made my journey as a student entrepreneur enriching but have also proved to be powerful tools that are necessary to lead a fulfilled life. So the next time you are confronted by change, remember that it has the power to change you!  With that being said, I’ll leave you with one of Simon Sinek’s quotes that marked my mindset journey:

“Genius is in the idea, impact however comes from action.”

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