Most people pursue their vocation as a career.
Most people embark on a journey to discover their passion.
Most people realize their purpose towards devoted social service.
Most people explore endlessly to understand where they belong.

Where do those individuals wander when they don’t know what their first step is?
What happens to those who don’t fit any category per se?
Rhetorical questions, because the world doesn’t have an answer, yet. Even if it does, why is it in so many different formats and sources, reducing it to an answer with no substance.

Go back up. Read all the words that precede, but this time, read it to yourself and ask, where do I stand? 

What did you realize? Is it difficult to be truly cognizant with your current location in the extensive timeline of your life?

However, there’s one resounding bottomline that we often overlook: Humans chase change. Quite contrary to what you feel or believe, right? Who would want to move out of their well-settled career, loving relationships, enjoyable and a happy life? Nobody does. Nobody has to, but the word change has such a negative connotation in our head. 

“You’ve changed. You’re not the same person I knew in college.”

“Everything has changed so much, things are very different now between us.”

“Happy Birthday! You’re the best. Don’t ever change.”

These are such simple instances and we use the word ‘change’ so often, unaware of what it actually means. Do you notice how our first instinct is to want to avoid change? While, our mind adjusts to change, it feels uneasy, in fact in some cases, one might even feel numb, incapable of processing. But ofcourse, change is registered or largely felt only when it affects you to a considerably high degree. 

Constants are novelty killers. Novelty is what brings excitement to life. When life is a constant, or ‘settled’, it’s a flatline for your brain, your mind. You get bored, unimaginative and slowly decay as your brain’s power diminishes and erodes. “Still water invites diseases.”

You must have heard of this famous quote, “The only constant in life is change.” It’s the epitome of irony. If we are aware of all these things, then why is it that we run away from change? We fear uncertainty. Every change that has ever occurred in our life brings in a certain level of scepticism of what lies ahead. We often fail to fathom that we only got comfortable with something previously, when we tried it out for the first time! 

Our entire environment, ecosystem, universe as we speak, is changing every second. We’re trained to chase change. Our ancestors did it. We are chasing it. Our predecessors will chase it. 

So, you’ve reached this point. You know how vital change is. How do you go about doing it, accepting it?

Plagued with erratic lifestyles, uncertain weather conditions, ever-altering plans and certainly the dubious facades that people put up like buying multiple masks at a medical store. We eventually get tired of this circus that is so severely out of rhythm with a peaceful, happy, successful life. 

If you’re looking for change, and to change, did you ever wonder where it all first begins?

In your mind.

Your mind is the master of this universe. Sounds like a bit too much? Not really. The universe is as you perceive it. And if your mind is the central point of information for everything that you come across, then it’s in charge of everything in your life. So if you’re looking to initiate or cultivate change, begin with your mindset. 

Humans only utilize a meagre percentage of their brain’s capacity. The power your mind possesses is intangible. Since humans have weird relationships with intangible things, in most cases, squandering it all away, we don’t comprehend what we’re made of.

We wait for opportunities to come to us.

We wait for us to automatically become able-bodied. 

We wait for us to just get rich.

We wait for good things to happen.

We wait.

But what happened to taking action?

The path to reach your destination will only be traversed when you take the action of moving towards it from your point of origin. 

Robin Sharma’s book – The 5 A. M. Club (Own Your Morning, Elevate Your Life) talks about taking action and about how change should first occur in your own mind. After which, let the actions help you mirror that change in real life. You can only bring about change when you are in control of your life, and not the other way round.

There’s unrelenting data and science that prove the capacity to induce change in your own life by waking up early and working to the rhythm of a schedule. Life doesn’t work in extremes. You don’t have to be in the constant zone. You don’t have to be in the ever changing zone. All you have to do is be in a controlled yet constant change. Mix up learning new things with a schedule. 

Your mind has the power to change your life. When you wake up early, and begin your day with an investment towards growing your brainpower, expanding on your mindset and soothing it’s development, you give your mind the headstart to create and accept change in your and others life.

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