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Changing the way you do life


Creating a million engines

Channelizing the energy and the power within us for success, is the struggle with battle with. Engines are individuals who understand the importance of harnessing the energy within us.

Learning in real time

You can’t swim by just reading books about swimming. It’s good theory, but without stepping into the pool, you know you can’t claim to know how to swim.

Community Power

Humans have a tendency to be with other people and work in communities and clusters. But lately, we’re forgotten all about that.

core values


When you set your eye on a goal, either you get it done on your own or with a help of the community but you get it done!


Learning takes place best when done together


The heart of all knowledge comes from experiments


It is your ability to get up after a blow that defines your potential

Vishal Bagdi


Welcome to our humble abode which happens to be your next step of improvement, growth and impact.

Food for thought: You know the solutions, the answers are already within you, but you need a push to bring yourself to do them.

The Impact Engine was born out of a need of togetherness and relentless reinvention of oneself to discover oneself along with the world and conquer it.

We are in the business of helping people. Not just help randomly, but to help you grow, sustain and emerge. We want to push you, I want to push you, to do better than yesterday, to be prepared for tomorrow and most importantly, help you understand that great things can only be achieved together, with one another.

It’s time we understand that true state of happiness is not in the past, not waiting for us in the future, but it’s here, right now.
For me, that’s success.

Wishing you all the warmth and support,

updated signature vishal

Vishal Bagdi.

Our Timeline

Why Do We Exist?

01/ Gap in the education system

We saw a gap between what the education system was cooking up for us and what we really needed

02/ Strive to create change

Well, we thought that we want to bring a change, so why not create the change ourselves? All of us, at The Impact Engine, have our interests laid out in which we get to contribute in through our work.

03/ Vibrant Community

A vibrant and an active community was one missing element that very few people were focusing on.

Our Team

Taruna Paryani

Someone who made a career out of scrolling on social media.
Marketing Strategist

Yash Jhanwar

Making intelligence visibile through design.
Design Strategist

Gayatri Gaidhani

Revolutionizing the content game, one platform at a time.
Content Strategist

Shikhaj Jakhete

You have a problem? I have a Jugaad!
Growth Strategist

Aditya Khandelwal

Looking to create a better world for everyone.
Organizational & Financial Strategist

Abhinav Rao

I like to be in the trending section of YouTube (Nope I’m not a Punjabi singer)
Marketing Executive

Vidhi Jain

Generating designs that turn companies into brands.
Design and Sales Executive

Jeneel Rambhia

Your not so controversial Twitterati.
Operations Executive

Abhishek Pal

To be momentous, create content with purpose.
Content Executive

Drishti Shah

In the time it took you to read this sentence, I created designs to impact more individuals like you.
Design Executive

Aryan Dugar

Acing COD and work at the same time
Operations Executive

Ronil Mutha

Disrupting social media while building a community.
Digital Marketing Executive

Zainab Laila

Weaving words that hold the power to bring about change.
Content Writer

Nilesh Birla

Not your regular slick sales guy, but a smooth talker.
Business Development Intern

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

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